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I have been a photographer since the age of 12. As a youngster, I found my father's dismantled darkroom in the attic of our house, and with his permission set up the enlarger, chemical trays and safelights. A few years later I was the Photography Editor of my high school yearbook.

I have been taking pictures ever since.

My professional career spans 30 years, starting with a studio next to my house and progressing to a 2000 sq. ft. studio equipped with a full kitchen for food photography. For many years, I shot with film, doing mostly product work, for food, high-tech, and medical clients, in the studio and on location. I transitioned to digital photography along the way, and had one of the first commercial-level digital cameras in the Boston area. My engineering education gave me a special ability to master digital technology, and led to my becoming a speaker at professional conferences, and the author of many magazine articles on imaging and digital technology.

I continue to shoot professionally, but am now able to work on personal projects. I gave myself one long-term documentary self-assignment to record the demise of Main Street stores in small towns and cities. Another personal project is photographing the world of manual labor and tradesmen.

39 Glidden Street
MA 01915



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